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Insight Financial Analysis

More than ever, small businesses need to know about their financial picture – both present and future.  Many business owners either use their accountants as simple bookkeepers, or only have contact with them at tax season.

How do you ever really know if you are on track?  Better yet, how can you know what specific changes you can make in your business to grow faster and create greater profit?

We can help.  If you feel you don’t really need a consultant, but would really like to have an analysis done on your company, we have the perfect solution.  Using our proprietary Insight analysis system, which we have successfully implemented in 8 different countries, we can show you how you are doing, what you need to change, and give you a rough valuation of your business as well!

It’s simple – provide us with multiple years (up to 5) of P&L and Balance Sheets, and we do the rest.  Your financial information is held completely confidential, and is destroyed once the analysis is completed (unless of course you want to work more with us).

The cost? $600 for a financial analysis only.  If you want we can also do a structural analysis by interviewing you and your key people to provide additional insight for improvement.  Total cost for both – $1200.

Call us today to schedule your analysis.  Get a professional, confidential and thorough review of your business by someone who knows small businesses at a very deep, experienced level.  We’ll give you a candid assessment with helpful advice for planning your successful future.


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