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We Love Entrepreneurs!

We love their courage, their dreams, their passion and drive.  We love working with them.  Why?  It’s simple, really.  Entrepreneurs have courage and are willing to take risks to make changes in their lives.  

The problem is this: eventually every Entrepreneur meets their lowest level of incompetence.  The dream meets reality.  It’s not failure unless you don’t do anything about it.  That’s where we come in.

Establishing mission, vision and values are not just a corporate exercise.  A clear, compelling vision of the future is crucial for your staff and your customers.  Without it, you’re guessing.  You’ll be blown by the pressures of your market without any clear direction.  We help you clearly articulate where you are going, and help you define the boundaries of that effort.

We do two types of analyses with every client:

First, we interview you and your key staff thoroughly.  We cover all of the key areas of your business because we want to see your business through your eyes.  This helps us know you, and gives us a sense of where you are in relation to reality.

Second, we complete a thorough financial analysis.  This is done quickly using our proprietary analysis tool: Global CFO.  Proven in 8 different countries, our analysis is the best out there.  We can tell exactly what is happening in your business, and we’ll project the future for you.

Once we know you and where you want to go with your business, we’ll help you develop a realistic strategy to get there.  Your strategy has to be understandable and realistic for all staff, otherwise it’s a corporate exercise that is just placed on the shelf.  We’ll help you create a plan that is workable every day.

Now the fun begins.  We help you accomplish your strategy.  We’ll train you and your staff where necessary.  We build on what is already going right, and help you expand your reach and potential.  Strategy execution is where all the hard work turns into results.  A well executed strategy is essential to realizing your desired outcomes.

We know budgets are tight.  They are for all but the big corporations who are still holding on to their cash.  So, we’ll work within your budget.  If your budget is very tight, we will work at a slower pace.  It may take a little longer, but we’ll always provide great value within the boundaries your budget allows.  And, you never have to sign a long term contract with us.  We earn our money every month, or you can discontinue at any time.  It’s that simple.  Really!

Contact us now for a free initial consultation.  No sales pressure.  Just a productive meeting with a business expert who will first seek to understand your business, to understand you, and to offer helpful suggestions.  No cost, obligation or pressure.  We mean it.


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