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Keynote Speeches

All keynotes and breakouts are customized to meet your organization’s needs specifically (nothing canned), and are delivered in a highly interactive, engaging presentation by our master presenter, Ron Vandermyde.  

The Dearth of Leadership in Business


Failure in leadership is the cause of so many failed businesses, organizations and initiatives.  The common perception of leadership is that it is the natural responsibility of title.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our leadership keynotes are delivered by our founder, Ron Vandermyde.  Ron understands, has taught and has lived the important truths of leadership.  All topics are tailored to your organization’s audience.  Sample topics include:

–        Leadership in the 21st Century – It’s Not Your Father’s Leadership Anymore

–        Leadership vs. Management

–        Change Management

Amping up the Potential in Your Business


Ron Vandermyde’s passion has been to help businesses and business organizations (public, private, non-profit) not only survive, but thrive.  He exemplifies the true difference between the average consultant and an executive advisor.  If you feel your organization could benefit from a “kick in the pants” motivational hour, contact us to book Ron for your engagement. 

All topics are custom developed for client organizations.  Some sample topics you might consider depending on your needs:

 – Negotiating With Integrity

– Work on Your Business, Not In Your Business

– You Now Have a Title…And All the Leadership, Right?

– Do You Really Have What it Takes to Lead or Manage?

– Is Your Vision Crafted in Reality?


Conference Breakout Sessions


After we get to know you and your audience through a thorough interview, we will create a killer breakout presentation to help you move toward your vision and dreams.  These breakouts are always highly interactive, entertaining and informative.  Some sample breakouts to consider (not limited to these):

– Negotiating With Integrity

– Successful Facilitation Techniques

– True Leadership Takes More Than You Think

– Executive Leadership – The Keys to Real Success as a Leader

– Building a Business Case


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