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Our Successful History With Government

Since 1996, we have completed literally hundreds of government projects.  We enjoy making a difference in governance, especially at the State and local levels.  

Our founder, Ron Vandermyde, has been an instructor in the Certified Public Manager program since 1996.  He has successfully mentored over 140 teams, many of whose projects have gained national attention.

We provide training on over 20 crucial management topics specifically geared toward government.

Ron Vandermyde is a master meeting facilitator.  Ron has facilitated very complex meetings and projects, with as many as 40 different agencies participating in the same project.  Ron is highly regarded for his ability to see through complex issues and develop a cohesive strategy for implementation.

Ron’s no-nonsense but genuine style, as well as his professional integrity, has earned many accolades and awards, along with continued successes with a wide variety of government entities.

Whether it is a keynote address for your activity or a short or multi-day seminar or retreat, we can help you plan and complete a highly successful activity.  Ron’s style is highly interactive and always informative.

Sometimes systems or work units need to be changed.  Sometimes staff and management just don’t agree and best efforts fail to create resolution.  We are experts in intervention strategies and mediation. We have also crafted strategies for entire agencies, while at the same time mentoring executive and management staff.  Our expertise and successful history enables us to solve problems quickly and with great focus.  

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