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Global CEO – A Comprehensive Business Analysis Tool for

Business Advisors

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Global CEO covers all of the major functions of a business.  It enables the business adviser to see the company through the owner’s eyes.  This is powerful – areas of strength and weakness are brought out through the interview with the owner and key staff.  Such comparisons identify whether vision is aligned across the company and how this impacts the overall management of the company.

All of the results roll up into a comprehensive dashboard.  The dashboard features a compilation of results from your interviews with the owner and staff.  In addition, the adviser may enter his or her own evaluation of each area, which provides a side by side comparison of results.  This creates a comprehensive set of discussion points with the owner for creating a plan for improvement.

Global CEO automatically generates a large list of suggestions for improvement based on the inputs from the owner and staff.  These suggestions provide a valuable basis for determining specific actions to take for future improvements.

Finally, Global CEO is highly customizable.  It allows adaptation to local language, laws, and the individual style of the adviser.  Watch our demo video below to learn more.

Global CEO Highlights

–Global CEO helps you begin your planning, prioritization and implementation of improvement activities much sooner. Global CEO takes much of the guesswork out of how to begin your journey of helping your client (or your own business).

–The first time you use Global CEO, you will have a visual baseline that you can use to analyze progress over time.

–Global CEO is particularly useful for comparing the perspectives of key individuals on important company issues. It shows how aligned the key thinkers are within the company.

–Global CEO is not a software program. It is a robust collection of interactive spreadsheets that integrate and interact with each other in Microsoft Excel®.

As you interview the owners of the business and other key people, you will ask them to evaluate various aspects of the business. Global CEO will record their responses in a numerical scale and display them with color-coded icons. A green icon is used to identify areas where business is doing well, a yellow icon is used to identify areas where a business is doing OK but could use improvement, and a red icon identifies areas of concern. You can customize the results and change what numerical value will turn an icon red by simply changing the number in the red “Area of Concern” box shown below.

Global CEO Demo Video:

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