Negotiating With Integrity


Proactive and reactive negotiating require different skill sets and expertise. Learn how to make the most of your negotiations without compromising your integrity with this primer on solid negotiating skills.

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Our CEO, Ron Vandermyde, has just released his new book.  Most people don’t negotiate well.  So many feel victimized by those who do.

This book is a must-read for anyone in business, or for anyone who wants to improve their negotiating skills while preserving a precious value: integrity.  If you are an experienced negotiator, you will be reminded of the the fundamentals you have perhaps forgotten over time.  If you are a beginning negotiator, you will gain new skills and learn important techniques that will help you keep a clear conscience.

Negotiating With Integrity covers 4 major areas:

Reactive Negotiating:

The typical tricks and strategies used by negotiators.  This section teaches you what the strategies are, how they are used, and how to use them effectively without sacrificing your integrity. You will also learn how to defend yourself against the tactics.

Communication Skills:

This essential section covers effective communication skills, conflict resolution, communication barriers and how to get through them, and non-verbal communication (body language).

For Women Only:

Interviews with dozens of female executives provided the background and impetus for this section.  Designed to be read by men and women both, this section covers some of the common challenges that women face in the business world and how to deal with men more effectively.

Proactive Negotiating:

Taking control of yourself in a negotiation and setting the pace is important to success.  This section will teach you how to set the stage to increase your success, and build long-term relationships in the process.

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