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Why Hire Us?

We start with you in mind

To start, our first meeting is always free.  This is designed to be helpful, informative, and to help you understand your business potential better.  We never apply pressure sales tactics.  If you need us, we work out the details.  If you don’t, we’ve found a new business friend.  Either way we work hard to be helpful from the very first meeting.  

At PMA, we begin with a thoughtful, thorough interview with you and, if you wish, your key people.  It is essential that we understand your dreams, your passion, your desired outcomes and goals.  It is also important that we assess whether your thinking and that of your key people are aligned.  

Alignment is crucial to good team-oriented success.  If you don’t have a clear vision, we’ll help you create it.  If your people all have different views of what the company is about and where it is going, we’ll help you align your collective purpose clearly and quickly.  

Your Strategy Development

We know it’s your company or organization, and we will always respect that.  Therefore we will help you understand your strategy options, and assist you to intelligently craft a strategy that will yield the outcomes you most want to achieve.  To us, it is always about outcomes.  Without clear outcomes, it’s like building a roadway with no clear destination in mind.  It’s just as crazy to build a business or organization that way.

Then, there’s our experience.  It sounds simple and straight forward; but rest assured: there is a huge difference between an executive advisor and a business or management consultant. An executive advisor has actually been there, in the trenches. We have experienced the pain, we have solved the problems of management and ownership. We have depth and understanding that is unparalleled. We know strategy, and more importantly, we know sound execution.  In addition, we never make you sign a long term contract. We have to earn our relationship with you each month by achieving your objectives.

 Your Success

The typical management consultant will come into a business, analyze it, offer advice, and tell you what you need to do.  Then they leave, and wish you well.  We never do that.  We work with you to teach you how to accomplish your strategy most effectively.  We help you relate your vision to your people.  We help your staff execute properly.  We assist you in refining what is already working well so that your mission, vision, strategy and systems are all aligned to make the most of your existing resources.  Our job is all about your success.  

When you succeed, we succeed.  It only works if we do it together for a time.  And because we never make you sign a long term contract, you can terminate at any time.  We always work to create ongoing value for you.  

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