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Don’t Waste Time and Money

Two of the biggest waste baskets in business or government are time and money.  Specifically, it is failure to use the time and resources available in the most efficient or productive way.  Management consultants are often called in because those inside the organization have become blind to the realities around them.

One place to start is to look at the pace of the people in your office.  If the pace is relaxed, unhurried, or completely without stress, your problems are greater than you realize.

Creativity demands a good deal of energy.  This energy will manifest itself in the pace of the office.

Look at the faces of your employees.  Are they unworried, completely relaxed?  Are they stressed to the point you see the signs of exhaustion in their faces?  Take the time to look at what is happening, and seek to understand why.  Are you between projects?  Are you at the end of a project with crazy deadlines and the crush of things left to be done?

What you see in your people are symptoms of what is really happening in your office environment.  We take it for granted and perhaps don’t even notice because that’s the way it is here.  Well, the first thing we look at on the way into your office is the people.  They are your most important asset, and a strong barometer of how well your business or organization is managed.

Take the time.  Look objectively at your surroundings and your people.  Feel the pulse of reality.  It’s a good place to start for thinking about how to improve things.

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