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Leadership vs. Management

Part of the reason leadership suffers, in my opinion, is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what leadership is. We often confuse leadership with title. Let’s say Susan is promoted to director. She is now an important leader, right? Yes, but mostly no. Susan hasn’t changed. Her reach has changed...


The Importance of Strategic Thinking

Business owners wear so many hats at the same time that it is easy to get stuck in the “just get it done” mode rather than thinking through what is being done. Strategic thinking is an art, but can be learned by anyone. Here is an example of strategic thinking...


Don’t Waste Time and Money

Two of the biggest waste baskets in business or government are time and money.  Specifically, it is failure to use the time and resources available in the most efficient or productive way.  Management consultants are often called in because those inside the organization have become blind to the realities around...


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