Premiere Management Associates, Inc.

About Us


This is what sets us apart from the entire “consulting” community:


Our founder, Ron Vandermyde, has 23 years of successful, proven executive experience – as multiple business owner, an award-winning corporate career, and facilitator and mentor of thousands of management students.  Ron is also a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business, International, the largest non-profit business support organization in the world.  This gives us access to over 3,000 senior, highly-vetted executives around the world from every walk of business life.We collaborate, communicate, and work together to bring about astounding results to businesses in our individual communities, and across the globe.  Yet, we maintain ownership and control of our approach and processes.  We work for you.

We are business owners ourselves.  We’ve been there.  We’re still there.  We know the challenges, the joys, the headaches and heartaches.  We understand the price an entrepreneur pays while chasing a dream.  We are among the best at what we do – being a friend and trusted advisor, working side-by-side with business owners.

We are experts in strategy execution, operations and process.  You know your business.  We know how to get you to where you want to be.  It’s a partnering effort that you can afford, and can’t afford to be without.  Experience the difference between a management consultant and an executive adviser.  It’s all about individualized, expert attention to the business owner.  It’s your business.  We’ll help you make it better.

Where we do business

We are based in the Salt Lake Valley, but do not limit our business to Utah.  We have enjoyed serving so many clients along the Wasatch Front.  We also serve clients from New York to California, and internationally in 8 countries.  No matter where you are, we can help improve your business or agency.  Technology today makes distance and frequent traveling less of a necessity.

If you are looking for management consultants or business consultants, why not step up to the experience of working with an executive advisor?  Our rates are not higher, but our service is far more valuable because we don’t approach you as a project.  We work with you, teach you, train you where necessary, and help see you through your concerns.

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