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Do you want to be a slave to your business?  Of course not. Learn the skills to stay on top of your business and to thrive. There is a great difference between a consultant and an executive advisor.  Consultants are typically project based.  They will ideally have clearly established parameters,...


Enjoy Life

If your business is on track and your dreams are being realized, life is better. Every entrepreneur will meet his or her weakness.  The business grows too fast, too slowly, loses revenue, profit margins shrink.  This is a large reason for so many business failures.  Since 1996, not one of...


Increase Profit

 Increasing profit comes from thoughtful understanding of how a business should work, and where profit can most successfully be gained. There are only two reasons to own a business:  to have the lifestyle you want, and to sell it profitably. Being an entrepreneur takes stability, a great deal of hard...


Build Revenue

Capturing market share is difficult in a tough economy.  Aligning your business to best opportunity is essential. Proper change requires an intelligent, wise...


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